Custom Silicone

The MermaidMe Silicone Tail A silicone tail is the ulitmate in mermaid tail realism. Our tails are made from 100% dragonskin silicone which is the industry standard and medical grade. It will be custom made to fit you. They are neutrally buoyant and therefore will be heavy on land but essentially weightless in the water. The production time is around two months, depending on the number of fins and complexity of the paint job you'd like.

The base cost of the tail is the price listed and each set of fins is an additional cost. I currently offer one scale design but will be expanding soon. The best place to see example pictures is on my facebook business page. Theres a link at the bottom of every page. You can email or from this page so that I dont take more orders than I can manage at one time. If you buy a tail off of this site, there is a 300 shipping charge that will be automatically added to the purchase!